Advertising on Mac's Registries

Advertising space on Mac's Registries is available for your product or service, be they automotive, computers, or other related areas. We have visitors from Canada, Australia, Sweden, United Kingdom, continental Europe as well as the near and far east.

Sidebar Advertisements

$90 for 3 months - $1 a day
Your company logo in a 250px-by-250px size, displayed on almost every page* just like those found on the right sidebar of every page
(If your company logo does not fit the size above, I can still accommodate you. Please write me for details.)

Many of the listed sites below also can accommodate a 468x60 banner ad at the bottom of each page. Where applicable on the site, a 468x60 banned ad can be displayed as well at $45 for 3 months when purchased in conjunction with the sidebar advertisement.

Ads will run for 3 consecutive months at advertised price. A month is defined here as the span from the date the advertisement is activated, usually within 48 hours of an agreed to logo and payment acceptance, to the same date of the last month.

Ad location from top to bottom and left to right is on a first come, first served basis. If a subscriber above you cancels their ad, yours will move left and up.

Ads run on  L78 Registry, L79 Registry, LS3 Registry, LS5 Registry, LS6 Registry, SS396 Registry, YF3 Registry, SS Registry, El Camino Registry, and Midwest Chevelle Regional Show Information, all price!

Bottom of Page (footer) Advertisements

In addition to the 250x250 sidebar ad, a 468x60 banner ad, like the sample below, can be displayed at the bottom of each page in random fashion where the particular site is designed for one. Bottom of the page ads are limited to 2 (two) on a given page due to space limitations and the ads are selected randomly among advertisers when 3 or more advertisers are promoting their products for a given month.

Advertiste on Mac's Registries

The Fine Print

The websites listed, or its owner, will not be liable for time the site may not be available to users due to any problems with the site's host, its connectivity, or unforeseen disasters such as routing problems anywhere or anytime on the Internet whether they be human error or natural disasters.

Ads will run until the last day of their paid subscription. Advertiser will be notified by e-mail approximately 30 days prior to their subscription end date with request for renewal. If no reply or payment submitted within 7 calendar days of normal expiration, the ad will be considered canceled and will be removed.

You can contact me through the various  Contact Me  buttons on the navigation bar of the websites. Payment may be made by PayPal, Company Check, or United States Postal Money Order. Personal Checks and/or other forms of money orders must be held for 3-5 business days until they clear.