Chevelle, SS396, L78, L79, LS3, LS5, LS6, Malibu, Malibu SS, El Camino/Sprint, HHR, Camaro, Nova, Acadian/Beaumont, Impala SS, 300 Wagons, Chevrolet Long Roof Wagons, Monte Carlo,Heavy Chevy, SSR, TriFive
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Registry Eligibility/What Vehicle Is Typically Registered
Super Sport 1964 & 1965 Malibu SS
1971 & 1972 Malibu series with Z15 option with either 350 engine or the 402 engine
1973 Colonnade Hardtop Coupe, Custom El Camino, or Malibu Station Wagon with Z15 option.
SS 396 1965 Malibu SS 396 (RPO Z16)
1966-1968 Chevelle SS 396 series, 1967-1970 Camaro SS 396, 1968-1970 Nova SS 396
1969 Chevelle 300 Deluxe/Chevelle Malibu series with Z25 option
1970 Chevelle Malibu series with Z25 option
L78 1968-1970 Camaro with L78 engine option
1966-1968 Chevelle SS396 series
1969-1970 Chevelle 300 Deluxe series (1969 only) and Malibu series with Z25 option with L78 engine option
1965-1970 Corvette with L78 engine option
1968-1970 Nova with L78 engine option
L79 1965-1968 any Chevelle series with L79 engine option
1965-1968 any Corvette with L79 engine option
1966-1968 any Chevy II/Nova with L79 engine option
LS5 1970 Chevelle Malibu series with Z15 SS equipment option
1971-1972 Chevelle Malibu series with Z15 SS equipment option with LS5 engine
1970-1972 Corvette and Passenger with RPO LS5 engine option
LS6 1970 Chevelle Malibu series with Z15 and LS6 engine option
LS3 1970-1972 any Chevelle series with LS3 option with or without Z15 SS equipment option
Heavy Chevy 1971-1972 Chevelle standard series with YF3 Heavy Chevy equipment option
Chevelle Registry Any 1964-1977 Chevelle not fitting into one of the above
Malibu Registry All 1978-1983 Malibu
El Camino 1959-1960 & 1964-1988 any Chevelle El Camino or GMC Sprint 2-door pickup body style
Lost Chevelles Any 1964-1972 Chevelle You've "Lost"
300 Wagons All 1964-1965 Chevelle 300 Series 2-Door Station Wagons
LongRoof All 1955-1972 Chevrolet (Chevelle, Chevy II/Nova, & Full-Size) Station Wagons
TriFive All 1955-1957 Chevrolets

Laguna Type S-3 1974-1976 Laguna Type S-3 option
HHR Registry 2006-2011 Chevrolet Heritage High Roof (HHR)
SSR Registry 2003-2006 Chevrolet Super Sport Roadster (SSR)
Impala SS Registry 1961-1969 Impala SS
Nova Registry 1962-1979 Chevy II & Nova - all models
Camaro Registry 1967-1969 Camaro
Acadian/Beaumont 1962-1971 Canada-built Acadians & Beaumonts - all models
Book Contents
My Books Chevelle Data & ID Guide - 1964-1972
My Books 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS
My Books Definitive Chevelle SS Guide
My Books Chevelle Restoration & Authority Guide 1970-1972
My Books 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 396

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